HTC Hero Theme Download

HTC Herohow you can change the HTC Hero Theme?? on sony ericsson many application you can use to modification that phone like SE tool 2 Lite
or samsung with update current device for Omnia

The owners of the HTC Hero often want to change their HTC Hero themes too from one to another after a period of time. While browsing through XDA, I found this nice theme called TF3D Manila 2.1. It is based on the Hero UI, which I really like. Here I will share it to you.
Main Features:
- Boot screen with boot sound WVGA/VGA
- Add icons on home screen for call history and calender
- White fonts in sub levels
Cell phones themes :HTC Hero Theme TF3D Manila 2.1 V2.0.

and you need this file below, and you can download free

Invade’s HTC Hero TF3D Manila 2.1

Invade’s HTC Hero BootScreen WVGA with

Invade’s HTC…

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