Modding Your Motorola A1200

motorola A1200if you have an motorola A1200 and wanna try to modification this phone try this guide below

All you need to perform any of the modifications described in this writeup are the following:
  • Motorola A1200 (aka Ming) with a MicroSD memory card (= Transflash card) installed in order to copy files to your phone.
  • Windows PC with at least 1 free USB port (If you have a Mac, then read )
  • Motorola USB data cable that plugs into the mini USB port on the bottom right of your phone and the USB port on your PC
  • Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) installed on your PC - this is a program that should have come on the CD that came with your phone and should be used to back up the data on your phone (contacts, calendar, etc) before attempting any of these mods.

Rar Files

Most of the files uploaded on this forum are "rar" files. These are compressed files (similar to zip files) making them smaller to download. You need to install a program that can "unrar" them before you can use them. UnzipThemAll and 7-zip are two free programs that can unrar files. (Other users use Winrar though several users have reported problems installing files unrared with this program).

To use a rar file, you download it, then use the tool to unrar it before copying the uncompressed file(s) to the SD card in your phone.

How to Copy Files To/From Your Phone
On the A1200, go to Application Launcher-->Setup-->USB Mode and ensure that “Mass Storage” is selected
Plug in the cable that connects the phone to the USB port on your PC.
Open Windows Explorer and ensure that you have “Show hidden files and folders” turned on in Explorer (Tools-->Folder Options-->View-->Show hidden files and folders)
You can now use Explorer to view the folders on your SD card on the phone. The SD card will probably be drive E: or F:. The root folder of this SD card shows directly under the Drive in Explorer – but its full path is /mmc/mmca1/ (i.e. if you copy something to the root you are copying it to /mmc/mmca1/).
You should see a folder called .system under root. If you do not see it then check you have “Show hidden files” on (see 3 above). You are only able to view/edit files on the SD card – this method does not permit you to view/edit files directly on the phone (which is why you need installer programs like MPKG and linloader to install programs on your phone).
You can now copy/cut and paste files to and from your PC to the folders on your SD card.
Unplug the phone when done. (Before unplugging, you should always use the unplug or eject hardware facility. This will ensure integrity of the filesystem on the transflash card).
Wait a couple of seconds then you can then use File Manager under Application Launcher on your phone to view these files.

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